1. SteveP

    SteveP ODSC Executive

    Mar 30, 2007
    Hi Guys, this is a piece we produced for some of the folks that visited our booth at Motomotion. Since some of the questions we got there, seem to be pretty common questions, I thought I'd post them here. Cheers!

    Motomotion XC

    It was great meeting you at our booth at the Motomotion XC Event held at Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort in Kitchener.

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    We received a lot of questions at our booth last weekend. Here are the most common questions:

    Q: I have seen the Macquarie logo a lot lately in the papers and internet. Who is Macquarie?Macquarie Group (Macquarie) is a global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services.

    Macquarie Private Wealth is part of the Banking and Financial Services in North America and offers a broad range of financial advice services, investment opportunities and financial solutions. The business has more than 600 staff in 12 offices throughout five provinces in Canada.
    Visit macquarie.ca for the full story.

    Q: What are the benefits of working with an independent firm?
    As advisors at Macquarie Private Wealth, we are free to manage wealth objectively, without bias. We have the global insight and financial backing of one of the world’s largest financial companies.

    Our award-winning research ensures informed decisions. And we deliver access to innovative, unique investment opportunities both here at home and around the globe.

    This freedom is one of the important benefits that set us apart from our competitors.

    Q: How does Macquarie rank against other Canadian Investment firms?
    Macquarie Private Wealth is ranked the # 1 firm by Investment Executive among banks and independent firms with a score of 9.4 this past year. This is our second year in the top spot.

    Q: You (Steve and Lisa) are investment advisors. Do you do the same work as my financial planner?
    Yes we do, and we can offer even more! We are licensed to advise on stock, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and derivatives. Full service advisors can take additional designations to round out their knowledge and areas of interest.

    Q: The markets are up and down so much lately… What are you telling your clients to do?
    Managing investments and money needs to be tailored to the client. Regular monitoring and communication is essential in volatile periods like the ones we are experiencing right now. If you have a specific question about your portfolio, send us an email. Lisa.polonoski@macquarie.com

    Q: What brings Macquarie out to an event like Motomotion?
    We are very proud of our ongoing community-based support and charitable involvement. Macquarie doesn’t just write a cheque each year: we foster a culture of genuine care.
    Macquarie’s goal is to support the communities in which staff live and work.

    Q: What do you offer your client that is different and valuable?
    We offer independent, customized advice. We deal with our clients on a very personal level. Our firm’s global reach and outlook, helps us, the advisors, refine investment themes and make them applicable to each and every client.

    Good luck and we will be in touch,

    Stephen Polonoski FCSI, FMA, CIM, DMS
    Investment Advisor,
    Assistant Branch Manager
    Macquarie Private Wealth Inc.
    Tel: (519) 772 7801
    Fax: (519) 772 7810
    Toll free: 1-800-461-4748
    Lisa Polonoski B.Comm
    Investment Advisor
    Macquarie Private Wealth Inc.
    Tel: (519) 772 7802
    Fax: (519) 772 7810
    Toll free: 1-800-461-4748

    Visit our website at http://www.polonoski.ca

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  2. ScottyR

    ScottyR Limited User

    Mar 15, 2003
    Mitchell, Ontario
    I will give my approval and referral to Lisa and Steve from Macquarie. I was dealing with a local guy for years and never heard a peep from him except when I dropped off my RRSP contribution cheque. I switched my accts to Steve and Lisa last year. Lisa has been great to deal with. She calls or emails with updates all the time and suggestions. She knows her stuff. My wife is very happy with the service Lisa provides as well.

    Steve is OK as well. LOL! Just kidding. Steve has been a big help also.