1. Neil Edmunds

    Neil Edmunds ODSC Executive

    May 5, 2003
    You must always REGISTER on a forum to create a profile. The profile is based on a username that you select. Please use your real name or part of it. You can use only your initials if you so desire. Note that only site administrators can view your detailed information. Only fully completed profiles will be approved (no exceptions).

    If you do not register, you can only view the forum as a Guest. This allows you to read topics, but you can't post anything. Once you submit a registration (if your info is accurate), you will be set up as a Limited User. This activates topic tracking so you will see which topics are new since your last visit to the forum.

    The biggest difference between Limted Users and Members is that Limited Users have a reduced amount of PMs. Limited Users who join to sell an item should put an email address or phone number in their ads. This will provide Guests with a way to contact them. Ads are removed when the seller edits the post title to SOLD or Please Delete. Limited Users do not have the use of signatures.

    Limited User status allows you to post replies in most forums. You can also start topics in most forums.

    Tip: If you create an email address just to use for forum registration (hotmail for example), make sure you check it. If any info in your profile needs clarification, that is where the questions are sent. If I don't receive an answer in a few days, your profile is deleted. Most users get a phone call for info verification, some get an email (usually when I'm too busy to phone).

    There is no fee required for Limited User status.

    Membership cost (if you wish to join) is $10, payable when you join the OFTR for $55 (for a total of $65).

    Note to ALL users: Once a profile has been created, you can NOT change your username or email address. If you need something changed, PM me (preferred method) or email me, odscadmin@gmail.com