1. clayfan

    clayfan Limited User

    Mar 9, 2006
    Niagara Region
    If your south of the 401 in this province and are looking for something completely different to race this weekend. Check out kbski.com and follow the links to the Hare Scramble and Grass Track MX they are running with Rich Daley from the Snowmoblie Hillclimb Racing Asscociation

    Looks like a 1 hour HS and then 2 moto's up and down the ski hills. A few of our buddies set the race course and the vids I saw it looks fun. No sanction body so no memberships required. Scoring for this one by Moto Tally

    Best Hare Scramble of the year comes up at Palmyra MX about 30 mins east of Rochester NY on November 3rd as well followed by a real close one at Area 51 MX on November 10th Both these events are non-sanctioned as well but are hand scored.

    Palmyra is the best . Trails are hilly ,. Soil is a blend of sand and clay and the MX track here is quite nice with no blind jumps. Best part is the mowed down corn fields they run to join things up. If your bike has a 7th gear you'll be looking for it.