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    Macquarie featured in the National Post

    Thought leadership on preparing your portfolio for the Critical 10

    No stage of the investing lifecycle is more important than the Critical 10, the five years before and after your retirement date. This is the decade when your portfolio must withstand market volatility and be properly balanced with income-generating investments. It’s also the period where you should take a serious look at your estate planning, insurance requirements and tax liabilities – your complete financial picture.

    The National Post ran an article on October 6th profiling Macquarie’s Smart Income platform, which helps determine the most appropriate income-generating investments for you, and the wisdom behind the Critical 10. We invite you to read the article here(PM me for the full article and link).

    Thought leadership of this calibre is just one of many compelling reasons to feel confident investing with Macquarie Private Wealth.

    We would be happy to discuss this topic with you—or provide a free, no-obligation portfolio assessment—at any time.

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