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    May 22, 2008
    Rally Connex 2009 Adventure Tours Schedule


    Rally Connex 2009 Adventure Tours Ride Schedule

    We are pleased to announce our 2009 ride schedule, it looks to be a fantastic season with some brand new events to keep you guys chomping at the bit for more.

    May 9th, 2009 - Training Day - Cobourg, Ontario
    June 26-29th, 2009 - R.A.P. aRound Algonquin Park, Ontario
    July 12th, 2009 - Blue Mountain Tour - Angus Ontario
    Aug 22-23rd, 2009 - Rockbound Rally, Central Northeast Ontario
    September 12, 13th, 2009 - Calabogie Boogie Dualsport - Calabogie Ontario
    Oct 3-4th, 2009 - Corduroy Enduro Dualsport Ride - Haliburton Ontario

    RallyConnex operates its’ tours mainly in southern Ontario, Canada. Every ride is different from the last one and the start locations, for the most part, are different too. This allows everyone to expand their horizons, and visit areas that they may not normally visit. A typical day can range from 200 to 300 kms in length, depending on the difficulty of the given terrain. There are single and multi-day tours, plus off-road training days to choose from. The line-up of events is different every year.

    All RallyConnex tours are GPS navigated. This, however, does not make it mandatory that you must have a GPS. We do have a few rental units available so that you can try it out. Please let us know a month in advance, if you wish to reserve a gps. Otherwise it is first come first serve, and they always sell out. Alternatively, you can buddy up with someone who does have a GPS.

    Most rides have routes specifically designed for aggressive tire bikes and also offer routes for those who have stock (less aggressive) tires. We've got your type of riding covered no matter what Adventure bike you ride! Please let us know if you are not comfortable in loose conditions and we’ll send you on a harder packed version of the route.

    All routes are "proof" ridden many times in advance of the ride dates, in order to assure their ride-ability due to changing conditions. During each event, a set of "sweep" riders will follow each route, both aggressive and stock tire. Each 'sweep' rider carries a SPOT transmitters and a SAT phone if regular cell phone reception is questionable, they are available to provide assistance if required. A chase vehicle, carrying tools, bike transport, SPOT transmitters and SAT phones, will also patrol near the route, and can also be called upon for assistance.

    May 9th, 2009 - Training Day - Cobourg Ontario

    Spring Training

    The morning will be spent with brief GPS training, bike set-up and riding technique sessions. You will then follow a GPS route to the off road training center and rotate through several technical training sessions in small groups. Contrary to previous years, a greater emphasis will be placed on skills training. Lunch will again be provided. Afternoon sessions concentrate on off-road riding technique training and practice, before returning to the start via another GPS route. All sizes of bikes are welcome. This event is the perfect way to shake out the cobwebs from a long winter, and learn some new techniques.

    Training day is held the day before Mother’s Day. In honour of our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and friends, this event will be a fundraiser for the 2009 Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Riders from previous years will know that this is the fourth year that Lynda Burnett and her sister Laura Murray will walk in the 60 km event. Proceeds will be donated to team T.W.I.N.S. (Transforming Walking Into New Strength). There will be pink ribbon merchandise available for sale for Mother’s Day gifts, and Gatorade and Power Bars will also be for sale.

    June 26-29, 2009, R.A.P. 4 days, 4 nights

    Plus a second date in mid September

    aRound Algonquin Park - RAP

    Credit for this idea goes to adventurous snowmobilers who brave the winter season to complete this scenic adventure. We have expanded on their idea and will take you around the park in a counter clockwise direction using Minden Ontario as our base. You will travel over little used forest access roads, right of ways gravel roads, abandoned railway beds, logging roads and some pavement to hook everything up. Aggressive tires are a must. This ride is designed with the Adventure/Offroad type rider and bike in mind and is suitable for bikes up to 700cc's!!

    KTM 690's, 530's, 525's, 450's, Adventure R's, LC4's, KLR 650's, BMW 650's, DRZ 650's and 400's etc. etc. You will need to have at least 200 km fuel range to participate. Each days ride will be approx 300 plus km's in length with scenic and challenging riding for miles and miles. Each night we will stay in a nice resort/motel with dinner being served at approx 06:00 pm. Our chase truck will haul your extra gear and provide backup service in case of an emergency. We also will be providing real time "SPOT" Satellite Tracking updates of the tour for your friends and loved ones. Spot also has emergency services contact capabilities in case they are needed.

    July 12th, 2009 - Blue Mountain Tour

    Blue Mountain Tour

    This GPS Dualsport Tour consists of a long loop, which starts in Angus (at Mission Cycle) and goes to Collingwood (Blue Mountain) and back. There will be a lunch stop midway through the ride. The ride is comprised of a mix of gravel, road allowances, and 2 track all day. The route is not the same route as last year, and has more technical sections than before. The length of the route is approximately 300km

    Aug 22-23rd, 2008 Rock Hound Rally

    The Rock Hound

    After the tremendous success of our Paris to Dacre Rally over the past few years we have realized that waiting every 2 yrs is just too long!! so we are starting the 1st Rock Hound Rally This rally is a 12hour 500km Rally in the Kawartha and Madawaska highlands. Registrants can come up and stay Friday night. The rally begins Saturday, lasts all day, and returns to the same hotel late that evening, with ample time to compare stories all night. On Sunday morning there will be another short timed stage, before returning for the awards presentation in the afternoon, leaving lots of time before heading home. Teams of 3 complete a large loop route throughout the day, covering areas stretching well up into Haliburton and over to Calabogie. There will be timed stages and free areas along the route. The timed stages will have open and closing times. The free areas will consist of gravel areas and 2 track and will leave time for minor repairs, picture taking and relaxing. The timed stages contain the technical areas and are all business. Points will be based on the ability to maintain the appropriate speed averages during each timed stage. This event is ideal for 450cc through 990cc aggressive dualsport bikes. Details to follow.

    Oct 3-4th, 2009 - Corduroy Enduro Dualsport Ride

    Cord Dual Sport Ride

    - Join in with the
    crowds at the infamous Corduroy Enduro. The Dualsport tour will take you along trails and back roads to bring you to some of the best spectator points along the enduro route. 2 days of riding and cheering, in the Haliburton highlands will be yours to enjoy. You have the choice to camp on-site or stay at local motels. As usual, this event is fully supported with sweep riders and support truck. This dual sport ride is suitable for bikes 650cc and less, although aggressive 950cc riders can make it through.

    For questions, entry information please see: Rally Connex, or email rallyconnex@gmail.com

    Rally Connex is proudly sponsored or supported by:
    KTM Canada
    Trail Tech
    GPS Central
    Parker Bros KTM Toronto
    Great Canadian RV
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    May 22, 2008
    Additional Ride added

    Sept 12, 13 – Calabogie Boogie Dualsport
    In partnership with the Bytown Motorcycle Association, RallyConnex will be conducting 2 days of dualsporting, based out of the Calabogie Highlands Resort. The Calabogie Boogie Trail ride is also based out of the same location so there will be no lack of off-road enthusiasm in the air.
    A separate page will be added to the RallyConnex site soon